SOS Chatbot

MicrosoftTeams + WhatsApp

Our new belief to operation efficiency and security

When the largest enterprise software, Office 365, meets the most widely adopted messaging app, WhatsApp, what are the underlying market opportunities and challenges to enterprises and brands? When the customer enquiries, services and even purchases are happening on WhatsApp, how would the brands and enterprises leverage on the existing infrastructure to capitalize these opportunities?

SOS Chatbot allows you to approach us via WhatsApp enquires, we have set up 10 FAQ you might ask. Check the link below to try our Chatbot!

Complete Creative Control

Begin with a template, or start completely from scratch.

Dialogue Tree

Build a conversational flow in a tree structure. Branch off from decision points for non-linear conversation, or create a fixed sequence for linear flow

Message UI

Send messages in different content types, including text, image, audio and video to create a more attractive UI

Action Buttons

Deliver actionable and interactive button templates to call for users’ actions

Powerful Integration

Install exclusive third-party integrations to empower your chatbot to handle advanced conversations

Ticketing System

Distribute incoming enquiries to different team member across departments. Enhance lead response time to improve business