SOS QnA Bot is an application in Microsoft Teams. You can customize your own questions and answers. SOS QnA Bot have set up 10 sample questions for you to try out our solution. You may also type in some similar wording to ask our bot! With the machine learning, our bot will find out the most related question you are trying to ask, and provide you the best answer to you.

Build, train and publish a sophisticated bot using FAQ pages, support websites, product manuals, SharePoint documents or editorial content through an easy-to-use UI or via REST APIs.


No code experience

Create and publish a bot in teams, or elsewhere without writing a single line of code. You can also add personality to your bot using pre-built chit-chat datasets.

Automatic extraction

Extract question-answer pairs from semi-structured content, including FAQ pages, support websites, excel files, SharePoint documents, product manuals and policies.

Multi-turn conversations

Design complex multi-turn conversations easily through QnA Maker portal or using REST APIs.

Active Learning

Improve your ranking model through suggestions based on your bot’s usage and user feedback.

Scale as per your need

QnA Maker service is a hosted model, so you can choose product tiers according to your size and throughput needs and feel secure with all components within your Azure compliance boundary.

Chat in more than 50 languages

QnA Maker extraction and ranking models are available in more than 50 languages.

10 Pre-set questions to try out SOS QnA bot

Q1 How to add another Outlook account?
Q2 What is M365 Business?
Q3 How to sync files with OneDrive Files on Demand?
Q4 How to schedule a live event in Teams?
Q5 How to create a Team?
Q6 How to start a chat in Teams?
Q7 How to start a chat in Teams?
Q8 How to play the meeting record?
Q9 How to translate text into a different language?
Q10 How to design your slides layout for Office 365?